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Sustainabilty Statement

Corporate Sustainability Statement

Within this context, we have defined our commitment to Corporate Sustainability across five impact areas:

  1. Work Environment As employees are viewed as internal customers, Anzo ensures that the workplace remains conducive, which helps to balance the needs and desires of each employee with the needs and capacity of the business. We continue to place high emphasis on health and safety issues at our work sites. Necessary tools and protective gears are provided to our employees to ensure that they are adequately protected. We also enforce stringent compliance requirements so that health and safety issues are not compromise.
  2. Training and Development Anzo also ensures that all staff are well trained and that is a continuously learning organisation. The Group strives to bring out the best of its employees by providing growth and progression opportunities for employees through comprehensive trainings, health and safety programmes.
  3. Market place Anzo is committed to maintain a proper framework to ensure that the business is run in an efficient and transparent manner in the interest of all its stakeholders. Ensuring that the business is conducted in a fair, transparent, sustainable and professional manner, Anzo is focused on delivering products of quality and being customer focused.
  4. Environmental Anzo has taken steps to manage its environmental impact, the Group is work very closely with environment enforcement agency with periodic consultation arrangements and visits so that our manufacturing activities are always in line with environmental standards and legislation. We continuously encourage employees to recycle and/or reduce wastage on the consumption of raw materials so that waste disposals are kept to the minimum. We also incorporate changes to our manufacturing process to allow the usage of environmental friendly materials.
  5. Community As an organisation with its business deeply rooted in the community that it serves, Anzo has been consistently aware of its social obligations to the community and remains fully committed to this cause. Anzo feels privileged to have been able to support communities in need and make a difference in their lives.